August 30, 2009

TR Island

I've been wanting to go back to TR Island for some time now. I have always remembered it as a beautiful, peaceful place; and my desire to visit again has been stoked every time I pass it in a car. The footbridge from the shore to the island seemed like a manageable barrier. The weather broke today from the usual August heat, and it seems like I was not alone in wanting to visit the island. The lot and paths were crowded with people of all ages and pets, and everybody was having a good time.

Memorial Plaza, TR Island

I'm happy that the island is much as I remember it, though it never cost me as much effort to visit before. The distance is indeed manageable, but the gravel trails on the island are challenging because they are uneven.

When I used to drive, for example, I always used to imagine fraternities of motorcyclists, bus drivers, and truck drivers waving to each other or signaling with their lights. Now I experience a real and a friendly bond with sympathetic walkers and with others who are challenged by physical difficulties. One gentleman paused with his kids to offer help getting up a hill; someone else with with a cane and a back brace offered encouragement; and someone took the time to encourage me and tell me about problems he had overcome. Appreciated, all.

Don't know exactly when I'll return—it really is a restful spot and a good place to think—but I'm thinking it's a great spot for a walk when I'm back up to speed with Bioness.