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Yasunari Kawabata

“Time passed. But time flows in many streams. Like a river, an inner stream of time will flow rapidly at some places and sluggishly at others, or perhaps even stand hopelessly stagnant. Cosmic


An amazing appreciation from Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren's How to Read a Book via Brain Pickings When you buy a book, you establish a property right in it, just as you


Knishes aren't in my baking repertory even though I enjoy eating them and am happy to say that I've visited Yonah Schimmel's Knishery in New York City. Laura Silver, author of Knish: In

Green Tea

For years I've been fascinated and puzzled by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu's story "Green Tea." Now comes word of a study that speaks to benefits of drinking green tea and contributes to

Ladies in Lavender

I was taken by the movie Ladies in Lavender last night and went searching for the text this morning. It's a short story by an author previously unknown to me, William J. Locke,

Music and the Brain

Just in time, something I can repost for Brain Awareness Week For #BrainAwarenessWeek, 7 fascinating reads on music, emotion, and the brain http://t.co/RHrB9kaUWi — Maria Popova (@brainpicker) March 14, 2014