Rule of Fifty

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Pamela Paul shows us how it's done

I’m typically averse to interviews (even I wrote into my #Figuring contract that I’d be doing none besides my conversation with the wondrous @GilbertLiz tonight). But then my friend Rebecca Solnit

Not quite the Rule of Fifty

but related, I think. The Value of Reading Things We Disagree with: "By not saying what we quite wished to hear, the author brings us into contact with what we truly believe,

Three-quarters done?

.@lizrenzetti says she’d abandon a book 3/4 of the way through, even 95% of the way through, quite happily — CBCSundayEdition (@CBCSunday) February 5, 2018

Makes me think of the Rule of Fifty

This was Rand Paul while running for President. Last night, he and every Republican voted against waiting 3 more days before passing the tax bill. — Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis)