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A poet considers aging

> "Life's short span forbids us to enter on far-reaching hopes." - 'Odes. Book One' Horace died #OTD [https://twitter.com/hashtag/OTD?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw] 8 BC. https://t.co/

Putin Knows Horace?

According to Next Draft [https://nextdraft.com/archives/n20190503/know-collusion/] > Trump says he and Putin discussed outcome of Mueller probe as part of hour-long phone conversation. "I sort of smiled when he said

Sic fluunt...

> We are all stumblers, and the beauty of life is in the stumbling - in trying to become more graceful as the years go by. #theroadtocharacter [https://twitter.com/hashtag/theroadtocharacter?src=hash]