Powers of 10

The Once and Future King

From The Once and Future King

"Do you all come here from different places?"

"Well, in parties, of course. There are some here from Siberia, some from Lapland and I can
see one or two from Iceland."

"But don't they fight each other for the pasture?"

"Dear me, you are a silly," she said. "There are no boundaries among the geese."

"What are boundaries, please?"

"Imaginary lines on the earth, I suppose. How can you have boundaries if you fly? Those ants
of yours--and the humans too--would have to stop fighting in the end, if they took to the

"I like fighting," said the Wart. "It is knightly."

"Because you're a baby."

Super Bowl

Touch Someone

Pale Blue Dot Revisited from the surface of Mars

Bonus Pic: Earth from Cassini near Saturn