December 28, 2009

Brain Injury Inspiration

So, the New Year not yet arrived, I’ve begun incorporating my resolutions into life a little early. Overcoming fear and doubt are perhaps rather ambiguous goals, but if living with a generalized anxiety of failure is possible, I assume the opposite, living with a generalized sense of purpose and accomplishment, is also possible. Yes, anything and everything is possible!

Michael Rost suffered a brain injury in a car crash. These days, he's adopted the motto "everything is possible," and is preparing to set out on a cross-country trip to raise money for brain injury research. This message of support on the CoTradeCo web site pretty much summarizes my attitude, too. It's a delicate balance though; I sometimes think I see too much attention paid to physical activity. I wish more people could understand and appreciate that just choosing to survive is sometimes a heroic act.