November 6, 2006

Almost an anniversary

Today marks ten months since my stroke. I don’t know how best to take stock. I’m full of energy and enthusiasm and ambition and I’m impatient to heal. It’s my inability to move as fast as I’d like or get as much done as I’d like that tempers my eagerness. It’s as if the reality of my physical condition reins me in, dampens my spirit. But I can’t deny the probably remarkable progress I’ve made, and I hope and work for more. I don’t like thinking about what the beginning of the year was like. The parts I remember were not pretty. I really couldn’t move myself or express myself. I’ve come a long way.

I found out yesterday that my youngest brother is in the hospital with an intestinal disorder. Thank goodness it doesn’t sound serious. My brothers and I have made a rough year for ourselves and the people who care about us. Another reason for taking stock.